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who we are
and what drives us

Lilac Tricolor Great Dane.jpeg

We breed...

... slender, agile, original and close to the standard Great Danes of the classic type in all colors that this breed carries and which do not harm their health.

Blue and White Great Dane.jpg

We, that is... husband and I.

We live with children, chickens, cats and dogs in Ostallgäu in Bavaria.

Our dogs are an important part of the family. They are born, raised and live in the house.

They love to run around on our 25 acre property, play in the garden or by the water, and take care of cats and chickens.

Chocolate fawn saddle tan Great Dane + Maine Coon.jpg

For 35 years we have...

... different races - 14 years of them Great Danes.


After countless years of research, we decided to breed a line that goes back to the roots of the Great Dane - for their healthy future.

Blue Pencilled Tan Point Great Dane.jpeg

We strive for...

...maintaining the temperament these gentle giants are known for. 


We are also focusing our attention on expanding the gene pool and returning to the original, elegant and slender physique of the Great Dane. 

Health, longevity and mental agility go hand in hand with this.

Black Brindle Merle_edited_edited.jpg

Great Danes of a different color...

...thus  - Off Color Danes  -

with whom we prefer to work in our small family breeding program offer a great opportunity with careful selection through genetic variance.

Lilacs and Blues in Solid, Harlequin, Merle and Tan Point

That´s why...

...we prefer to keep

non-standard- colored Danes and attach great importance to the perfect selection of our breeding animals.

We benefit from our knowledge as educational scientists, hobby geneticists, dog trainers and  dog psychologist in training.

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