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...we have decided to stay in the ICR (International

Club for pedigree dogs and cat breeders eV) with our breeding program: 


To breed outside a recognized Great Dane breeding club was not an easy decision.


However, we had to realize in the many years,

in which Great Danes accompany us, that

- although there are strict requirements - from our point of view the line of the Great Dane has moved far away from the actually prescribed standard.

We believe that a counter movement should arise in order not to push the Great Dane into a corner from which it may not be able to get out. The corner that occurs when an extreme interpretation of the standard and misunderstood breeding restrictions in terms of color make the genetic variance smaller and smaller and thus health, mental and physical agility and not least longevity suffer as a result.

That is why we are ICR (International Club for Purebred Dogs and Cat Breeders eV)-registrated and not DDC or the KyDD. Furthermore, we take the health of the parents, their physique, their well-balanced nature and of course the breeding regulations very seriously.

Our dogs are all genetically tested and undergo regular medical examinations. We have one, maximum two litters a year and our ladies get the rest they need and deserve after a litter.

However, we are not willing to drive our dogs across the country to get a judges rating based on current fashion influences.

know why...

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